Root, Rise 2 oz Ascend Hydrosol RR26

Root, Rise 2 oz Ascend Hydrosol RR26

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An invigorating blend of lemon verbena and rosemary hydrosols.

This mist will leave you energized, alive, and fresh. Lemon verbena’s citrusy scent awakens your senses and opens your energetic field. Lemon verbena is revitalizing to all skin types and has a calming effect on the nervous system. Rosemary helps you find stillness, by calming and relaxing your muscles. It carries anti-microbial qualities, while rosemary has astringent/cleansing qualities.

Repeat while anointing: I am vibrant, and choose to live from a place of serenity.

Our lovely hydrosols are steam distilled from spring water and homegrown herbs using our beautiful copper still.

What is a Hydrosol?

Hydro, meaning water. Sol, meaning solution.

In the most basic sense a hydrosol is a distilled plant or flower water. I use my copper still to create steam that flows upwards through whichever plant I am distilling. The water vapors rise and spiral back down through the condenser to cool and form back into liquid. The steam naturally extracts water-soluble components, essential oil molecules and the magic of the fresh plant. In each bottle, you may see little dots of oils, those are the essential oils. Instead of separating them out to bottle as E.O’s I leave them in for you to enjoy!

How do you use a Hydrosol?

In short, all the ways! The list is quite endless. My favorite way is as a face toner and hydrator. They are wonderful in foot baths, compresses, clay face masks, cream/lotion making, eye pads, etc. They can be used for depression, anxiety, burns, scrapes, headaches, sinus congestion, eczema, acne, sensitive skin, etc.